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Hello everyone!!! Welcome to The Violet Flame website.

At The Violet Flame, we hope that we may provide an avenue to help you find yourselves. We have a variety of means/tools to assist you on this wonderful journey of self-discovery, through Tarot Card, Energy Healing and Crystal Healing & Therapy and many more. We also provides workshops of which we hope will empower you to find yourself.

We also would be most happy if yourselves would like to share any articles/testimonials with us and we will publish the same on our website. Articles can be sent to our email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We hope that The Violet Flame will be of service in your life-journey and may we all continue to grow together...may we all journey back to our hearts and may love & wisdom be our guiding force.

Love & Blessings,

The Violet Flame

Free Talk & Taster Session : Sekhem Energy Healing with Lina -11 Dec (Thurs, 7.30pm)

Sekhem is an all-empowering high vibration energy system that can help you reclaim your power / develop more self-awareness / journey through life with more confidence and clarity / and assist others.  
It is considered to be one of the oldest systems of hands-on energy healing, as there are many references to this energy on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids and temples as well as in scrolls found within ancient Egyptian tombs.

Sekhem  is a very pure and light energy of unconditional love that flows subtly yet powerfully through the body to bring about healing at whatever level it is needed.
It addresses the subtle causes of dis-ease (be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) by helping to release deeply held thought-forms and beliefs that create the symptoms of dis-ease and blockages and cause  physical conditions like illness and injury.

The word Sekhem literally means ‘might’ or ‘power’ as it helps us to rise above all that no longer serves us on our journey in this lifetime so that we can move forward with more ease.  
Learn how to channel this energy with Master Teacher/Practitioner Lina Ramchand, certified therapist and member of the UK-based Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Click here for : Private Sessions

Date : 11 Dec (Thurs)
Time : 7.30pm

Speaker : Lina Ramchand

1-Lina Profile pic VF
UK-based Master/Healer/Practitioner Lina Ramchand is returning to KL in will be giving a free introductory talk on the power and effects of Sekhem.  Attendees will also get an opportunity to experience this energy.



Please call 03-20959868 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register

Free Talk : Introduction to Yungrung Bon (Tibet's Oldest Spiritual Tradition) by Geshe Gelek Jinpa Rinpoche, 27 Dec(Sat, 2pm-6pm)

Free Talk Gelek



Yungdrung Bön is Tibet’s oldest spiritual tradition, also it may as well be the world’s most ancient organized religion still practiced today. With its origins stretching back to the Central Asian Buddha Tonpa Shenrab, it has come to us through the ages, passed from Master to disciple in an unbroken lineage of transmission. During the talk, the speaker will share its long history, and how this rich and profound tradition spread over vast tracts of Eurasia where many people practiced it.

And how with time, it has woven into the cultural fabric of many nations, a distinctive strand present in many subsequent societies.The founder of the ancient Yungdrung Bön spiritual tradition was Buddha Tonpa Shenrab. His teachings are called ‘Yung Drung Bön’ or ‘Eternal Bön’, and practitioners of Bön are called ‘Bonpo’. The great Shenrab dedicated his whole life to the practice of Eternal Bön for the benefit of all beings.Tonpa Shenrab taught Bon in three successive cycles of teachings.

First he taught the “Nine Ways of Bon”; then he taught the “Four Bon Doors and the Fifth, the Treasury”; and finally he revealed the “Outer, Inner and Secret Precepts.” In the final cycle of teachings the outer cycle is the path of renunciation, or sutric teachings; the inner cycle is the path of transformation, or tantric teachings; and the secret cycle is the path of self-liberation, or dzogchen teachings. The cycles of teachings are categorized into Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen.

For more info, please visit :

Speaker : Geshe Gelek Jinpa Rinpoche

Free Talk GelekProfileGeshe Gelek Jinpa Rinpochewas born into a family living from farming and yak keeping. As a child and through his teenage years, he was instructed in Bön by Lama Bön Nying Rang Drol (a disciple of a disciple of Shardza Rinpoche).

After a visit from Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche to his village in 1986, Geshe Gelek Jinpa Rinpoche at the age of 19, became a monk and entered Thongdrol Ritröd monastery. He later stayed in Tsedrug Gompa for a year and studied philosophy with the renowned scholar Lopon Drangsong Yungdrung in Lungkar Gompa for two years. After a second meeting with Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche in 1992, he decided to pursue a higher education and study for a Geshe degree (equivalent to the European Doctor of Theology). He went to Triten Norbutse in Kathmandu, studied under Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, and in 2001 obtained a Geshe degree.

Since obtaining his Geshe degree, Geshe Gelek Jinpa Rinpoche has been teaching in Triten Norbutse (Nepal) and in Europe. He has taught Dzogchen, in particular from the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyud and Gyalwa’i Chagtri, and also Tsa Lung and Tummo, in Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, the UK, Finland, Hungary, and Spain. Geshe Gelek Jinpa Rinpoche also regularly teaches courses and leads retreats in Shenten Dargye Ling (France). In 2013, he was instated as “Enthroned Lama of Shenten Dargye Ling” by the Khenpo of Shenten’s mother monastery Triten Norbutse, Tenpa Yungdrung Rinpoche.

He has travelled widely in Tibet and in Bönpo areas of Nepal like Dolpo and Mustang, as well as to small Bön monasteries in Khams. He rediscovered the ruins of a former large Bön monastery in Mustang and meditation caves of famous Lamas mentioned in sacred texts.

Geshe Gelek Jinpa Rinpoche participated in the production of films like “Sacred Landscape and Pilgrimage in Tibet – In Search of the Lost Kingdom of Bon” (book and DVD by Geshe Gelek Jinpa, Charles Ramble,  Caroll Dunham and Thomas Kelly) and “Hidden Treasure of Bon — Secrets of Mustang” (DVD published by Triten Norbutse). He also published books like “Heart Essence of Khandro” and “Bön in Nepal”.

Please call 03-20959868 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.

The Violet Flame’s Daily Oracle Message 23rd November – 29th November 2014

(For this week’s messages, we have taken the same from Crystal Oracle – Guidance from The Heart of the Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno)

23rd November 2014 (Sunday)
- relationships-compassion-blessings-love-joy-


The Card : Rhodochrosite
(Crystal Oracle – Guidance from The Heart of the Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno)

It is through our relationships with others that we learn more about our own character. From a higher perspective, everyone we encounter is a reflection of ourselves, and the universe has placed around us the things that will help us expand our love and tolerance. We meet people we like and people we dislike. When we see what we consider to be positive traits in others, we align with these characteristics because we believe them to be good. Yet, when we see what we consider to be negative aspects in others’ characters, we refuse to see those same traits in ourselves because we judge them as bad. Yet the truth is that we have each trait within us, wither currently or in the past, otherwise we would not be able to recognize traits in another.

You are being urged to examine the traits you don’t like in others and rather than merely judge them as bad or avoiding them, look at what they reflect within you. Developing a compassionate attitude will help you realize that often the judgments we make about others are judgments we make about ourselves. All relationships are a mixture of positive and negative- they help us broaden our understanding of life and love, and help us to see more of who we are.

Affirmation : I love and accept myself as I am. I love and accept the world as it is. Deep in my heart I know that beyond my perception of good and bad only love exists.

24th November 2014 (Monday)
-achievement-potential-emotional balance-an open heart-


The Card : Rhodonite
(Crystal Oracle – Guidance from The Heart of the Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno)

You are well on the way to achieving your heart’s desire, so trust and keep an open heart and mind. Life is always full of potential and you are always on the right track, so do not be discouraged by the recent set backs you may have experience. Keep quietly focused on all that which you wish to create and achieve. Enjoy the journey and keep a loving attitude. Have patience and faith, and the universe will help you manifest your dreams.

Something wonderful is soon to occur. Trust and keep an open heart and mind.

25th November 2014 (Tuesday)


The Card : Sodalite
(Crystal Oracle – Guidance from The Heart of the Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno)

Keep your calm for this will help you strengthen your determination to quickly peruse your dreams. Set aside a little time each day to meditate and reflect on all that you wish to create in your life. Be guided by what you can instinctively feel in your heart and trust your intuition, for in doing so, you will draw to you all that is necessary for you to create that which your heart so desires.

At the same time, let go of rigidly fixed expectation or time frames, and trust that your dreams may manifest in ways that you have not yet imagined. This card is a positive confirmation; keep the dream alive!

26th November 2014 (Wednesday)


The Card : Snowflake Obsidian
(Crystal Oracle – Guidance from The Heart of the Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno)

You have so many wonderful inspirations, ideas and talents that, to date, you have kept hidden, protecting and nurturing them within the fertile and loving landscape of your heart and imagination. And rightly so, for the last few years have been like an incubation period, a time in which you have subconsciously been collecting creative fuel to be used on a later date. Well, that time has now come! You will soon begin to express and empower your ideas and inspirations as you discover practical applications for them in the physical world. It is time for you to shine so don’t hold back any longer.

27th November 2014 (Thursday)
-physically grounding-abstract ideas and inspirations-


The Card : Gold with Quartz
(Crystal Oracle – Guidance from The Heart of the Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno)

Several wonderful ideas and inspirations are filtering through into your physical reality. These ideas and inspirations, which stem from your soul, will help you manifest many of the things your heart has, for so long desired.

Over the coming days, your intuition will be strong and you will have greater sense of the universal spirit that flows through all things. Through this, a new found sense of joy and wonder emerges-one which transforms your life. Give thanks for this blessing and allow it to inspire and illuminate your heart and mind. Your ideas and inspirations are divinely guided, so trust them!

28th November 2014 (Friday)
-fertility-love-compassion-truth uplifting-


The Card : Chrysoprase
(Crystal Oracle – Guidance from The Heart of the Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno)

Chrysoprase helps open the heart centre and allows you to feel the presence of divine unconditional love. You are entering a fertile period that will enable you to creatively express your true nature in a loving and compassionate way. Through this you will give birth to new ideas that reflect and align with your true essence. All you would love to create, manifest and achieve is now possible, provided you remain true to yourself. Listen to what your heart is saying; be guided by your intuition and you will create the success and fulfilment you rightly deserve.

Many wondrous experiences are in store for you.

29th November 2014 (Satuday)


The Card : Aquamarine
(Crystal Oracle – Guidance from The Heart of the Earth by Toni Carmine Salerno)

Whether male or female, you can overcome a current conflict by reflecting upon and applying moderation, tolerance, gentleness and compassion. These qualities are not a weakness rather, they are strengths. What is called for at present is greater compassion and tolerance coupled with patience and gentleness. It is possible to resolve things in an amicable way to create a positive outcome for all concerned.

As you look back on this current episode, you will realize a valuable lesson. Compassion and tolerance are a sign of maturity and strength of character. They are qualities that infuse all with love and light.

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