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Hello everyone!!! Welcome to The Violet Flame website.

At The Violet Flame, we hope that we may provide an avenue to help you find yourselves. We have a variety of means/tools to assist you on this wonderful journey of self-discovery, through Tarot Card, Energy Healing and Crystal Healing & Therapy and many more. We also provides workshops of which we hope will empower you to find yourself.

We also would be most happy if yourselves would like to share any articles/testimonials with us and we will publish the same on our website. Articles can be sent to our email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We hope that The Violet Flame will be of service in your life-journey and may we all continue to grow together...may we all journey back to our hearts and may love & wisdom be our guiding force.

Love & Blessings,

The Violet Flame

Free Talk : A Taste of Seeing Past Lives and Meeting Your Spirit Guide with Jovy Wan - 17 Apr (Fri, 7.30pm)

Come join us for a relaxing and fun-filled evening as Jovy Wan introduces Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), a technique created by Dolores Cannon ( Jovy Sessionthat she had developed and refined over her 45-year career as a regressive hypnotherapist while working with thousands and thousands of clients all over the world.

Jovy has been trained by Dolores herself in both levels (1 & 2) of practitioner training and is certified to practice Dolores’s method for her own clients. In this free introduction evening, Jovy will answer your questions regarding QHHT and take you on a journey to get a taste of seeing past life as well as to meet your Spirit Guide.

Please click here for Private Sessions with Jovy Wan


Facilitator : Jovy Wan


Jovy ProfileAfter almost 2 decades in the corporate world, a sudden life event at the onset of 2009 prompted Jovy to question all her conditioned values and beliefs, and started her on a quest to uncover the true meaning of life. While searching for answers, Jovy explored and eventually learned many healing modalities from teachers around the world.


Her passion is to share what she has learned that propelled her to live a much happier, balanced and fulfilling life today, and her special gifts in facilitating healings for others.Jovy’s clients find her a powerful healer who channels healing wisdom and energy in a loving and patient manner. Each session with her is a calming yet inspirational experience.Having taken extensive training with Dolores Cannon, Dee Banton, Elisabeth Jensen and a number of other teachers, Jovy is a certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Isis Lotus Healing.


She is also trained in Tarot Reading, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).  Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jovy spent years working and studying in the US and holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics as well as an MBA in Marketing.

Please call 03-20959868 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register

Events Calendar : 2015

To help you keep track of the latest activities at The Violet Flame




March 2015


New Visiting Practitioners

Dr Shé D’Montford (24 -29 Mar)

Free Talk

Free Talk with Dr.Shé D'Montford : 24 Mar (Tues, 7.30pm)

Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Dr.Shé D'Montford (24 - 29 Mar)


Journey in Spirit to Meet Your Totem with Dr. Shé D'Montford - 26 Mar (Thurs, 7.30pm-9.30pm)

Becoming a Psychic with Dr. Shé D'Montford - 28 Mar (Sat, 2pm-6pm)

Discover Your Inner Goddess with Dr. Shé D'Montford : 29 Mar (Sun, 2pm-6pm)


Classes :

Heart-to-Soul Meditation :26 Mar (Thurs, 7.30pm, every last Thursday of the month)


April 2015

Visiting Practitioners

 Zeo Sheehan

 Private Sessions

 Private Sessions with Zeo Sheehan : 15-24 April


Crystalline Transmission Session with Zeo Sheehan (1 & 2 of Module 1) 16 Apr (Thurs) & 21 Apr (Tues), 7pm

Sacred Mandala/Code Workshop : 26 Apr (10am-2pm) 

Transform Your Life With Grace : 26 Apr (3pm-6pm)

 New Practitioner : Jovy Wan

Free Talk : A Taste of Seeing Past Lives and Meeting Your Spirit Guide with Jovy Wan - 17 Apr (Fri, 7.30pm)

 Private Sessions

New Private Session : Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy with Jovy Wan : (21-30 Apr)


Free Talk

Free Preview : You Were Born Rich with Adelena Lestari Chong : 14 Apr (Tues, 6.00pm-8.00pm)

Classes :

Inner Martial Arts Meditation (IMAM) Advance Classes : 15 Apr (Every Wed, 7pm)

Heart-to-Soul Meditation :10 April (Fri) & 30 April (Thurs) 7.30pm

Learn the Art of Tarot With Anthony Lefevre : 25 Apr & 9 May (Sat, 12pm- 6pm)


Workshops :

You Were Born Rich - Unleash Your Power with Adelena Lestari Chong : 22 (Wed) & 24 (Fri) Apr : 1.00pm -6.00pm

Meditation/Healing Circles

Chakra Dhyana Meditation with Chin Lai Meng : 9 Apr (Thurs, 7.30pm)


May 2015

Visiting Practitioners

New Practitioner : Darlene Waddell

Workshop :
Awakening The Illuminated Heart Workshop with Darlene Waddell : 14-17 May (9am-6pm)


Classes :

Inner Martial Art Meditation (IMAM) : 7 - 9 pm, (12 May, Tues)  


Article : Cure of Unconditional Love as published in theSun Paper, 26 Feb






Free Preview : You Were Born Rich with Adelena Lestari Chong : 14 Apr (Tues, 6.00pm-8.00pm)

Adelena YouWereBornRich

You Were Born Rich - Unleash Your Power!

This is a Preview to the Class : You Were Born Rich - Unleash Your Power with Adelena Lestari Chong : 22 (Wed) & 24 (Fri) Apr : 1pm-6pm

Brand New Year, brand New Resolutions! If you’ve been looking to feel better, do better and be better, this is the session for you! This preview session will give you a glimpse of your powerful self, celebrate your wins and open acesss consciousness to unlock the power within you!
If you
• are sick and tired of being sick and tired,
• are tired of going through the many cycles over and over again and no matter what you do, you can’t break free
• are aware that there’s something blocking your abundance and prosperity flow and no matter what you do, you never seem to have the surpluses in your life like you know you should
• know you’re a natural giver but something is blocking you from receiving and you’re living against the flow
• You’ve ploughed through books, programs, courses, healing plus more and you haven’t moved forward much
• you’re tired, lethargic and lost direction
• realised that there is something in the past, a belief you had that keeps surfacing now as you look back that holds you back from living the life of greatness

Come be a part of this power circle of like minded, collaborative divine individuals who are seeking for a greater meaning and purpose in life. This session is for individuals who are seeking the very best in themselves and more, coming together as one to discover parts of themselves yet to be discovered
and unleash.

Time to unlock the keys to maximizing the awesome potential You Were Born With.

In this session, you will learn how to apply to your life the foundational principles of :-
1. Prosperity Consciousness
2. How to connect Spiritual, Intellectual and Physical planes
3. Learn how to identify patterns and cycles in your life and let it go
4. How to access your highest potential and live in your power
5. Learn and apply the law of vibration and attraction to magnetize your creative abilities
6. Learn to recognize when you are thinking in reverse, decision, letting go and forgiveness
7. Prepare for the flow of life, create space for abundance and be open to receive.
8. Learn how your to connect your energy vortexes, chakras and auric fields can work in unison
manifesting your wants
9. Learn how to connect your divine power within with universal powers to work with you in
achieving your goal

The program will be presided by Archangels, Angels and divine beings. Channelled messages and guidance by the enlightened ones will be shared during each session for unique growth and

Speaker : Adelena Lestari Chong

Adelena is an intuitive channeller, international speaker, global entrepreneur, Coach and Healer. In her journey of living her soul purpose, she has the uncanny ability to awaken souls to their highest potential and igniting desires to want to live their life by their design and not by default. She is sought by entrepreneurs globally in bringing back passion and enrichments to their
hearts and divine path. Much of her work entails teaching how the mind works and how we can utilise our unique gifts to live as one with the universe. Her global outreach spans to South Africa, UK, US, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. In her journey of life, she was a chartered accountant CA, chartered financial analyst CFA and had gone through the wheel of life as an employee, top corporate executive and traditional business owner. She loves businesses and is growing a global business with multiple income streams and paying it forward with teaching, coaching and speaking for others to create and experience millionaire lifestyle.

Adelena will share universal tools to enliven our lives and the ability to release, forgive and move forward in creating and living the life one desires. She has developed these skills through life experiences and helped many through this process in transmutation healing, teaching and coaching. She carries with her the origins of Violet Flame encoding in her DNA from the Castle of St Germaine’s home and Atlantean codings. She is a Practitioner of EFT, Isis Lotus Healing and Intuitive Channeling.

She is a Licensed Holder for the Bob Proctor Programs worldwide under Proctor Gallagher Institute for LIfe Success Consultants and Thinking Into Results Facilitation.

Please call 03-20959868 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.

Free Talk with Dr.Shé D'Montford : 24 Mar (Tues, 7.30pm)

Come join us for a free talk as Dr.Shé D'Montford shares with you her experience and insights about life, the psychic world and much more.

SheDMontford ProfileDr.Shé D'Montford has a high public profile. Shé (pronounced Shay) has an impressive corporate client list, is often on radio and in the newspapers, has featured on several successful TV shows in Australia, played herself in a major Dutch film production and has even been portrayed in a comic book.Shé is a metaphysician, teacher, healer, author, promoter and activist as well as a former 'Queensland Businesswoman of the Year' and 'Australian of the Year' nominee.

She is a public notary and marriage celebrant, a member of the Australian Alternative And Natural Therapists Association (AAANTA), a life member of the Australian Psychics Association and runs Shambhallah Awareness Centre.She has written for numerous alternative magazines and is a featured contributor to several successful alternative publications.She` tours constantly, nationally and internationally, teaching and lecturing and is featured at many alternative festivals and expos.


She`also has an esoteric book publishing company, The Happy Medium Publishing Company, and publishes two magazines, Magick & ESP.For more info on Dr D'Montford, visit:-


Please call us at 03-20959868 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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