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Hello everyone!!! Welcome to The Violet Flame website.

At The Violet Flame, we hope that we may provide an avenue to help you find yourselves. We have a variety of means/tools to assist you on this wonderful journey of self-discovery, through Tarot Card, Energy Healing and Crystal Healing & Therapy and many more. We also provides workshops of which we hope will empower you to find yourself.

We also would be most happy if yourselves would like to share any articles/testimonials with us and we will publish the same on our website. Articles can be sent to our email address at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We hope that The Violet Flame will be of service in your life-journey and may we all continue to grow together...may we all journey back to our hearts and may love & wisdom be our guiding force.

Love & Blessings,

The Violet Flame

Free Talk : A Taste of Seeing Past Lives and Meeting Your Spirit Guide with Jovy Wan - 17 Apr (Fri, 7.30pm)

Come join us for a relaxing and fun-filled evening as Jovy Wan introduces Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), a technique created by Dolores Cannon ( Jovy Sessionthat she had developed and refined over her 45-year career as a regressive hypnotherapist while working with thousands and thousands of clients all over the world.

Jovy has been trained by Dolores herself in both levels (1 & 2) of practitioner training and is certified to practice Dolores’s method for her own clients. In this free introduction evening, Jovy will answer your questions regarding QHHT and take you on a journey to get a taste of seeing past life as well as to meet your Spirit Guide.

Please click here for Private Sessions with Jovy Wan


Facilitator : Jovy Wan


Jovy ProfileAfter almost 2 decades in the corporate world, a sudden life event at the onset of 2009 prompted Jovy to question all her conditioned values and beliefs, and started her on a quest to uncover the true meaning of life. While searching for answers, Jovy explored and eventually learned many healing modalities from teachers around the world.


Her passion is to share what she has learned that propelled her to live a much happier, balanced and fulfilling life today, and her special gifts in facilitating healings for others.Jovy’s clients find her a powerful healer who channels healing wisdom and energy in a loving and patient manner. Each session with her is a calming yet inspirational experience.Having taken extensive training with Dolores Cannon, Dee Banton, Elisabeth Jensen and a number of other teachers, Jovy is a certified practitioner of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Crystal Therapy and Isis Lotus Healing.


She is also trained in Tarot Reading, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).  Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jovy spent years working and studying in the US and holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics as well as an MBA in Marketing.

Please call 03-20959868 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register

Free Talk : Understanding Autism in Children : 22 Feb (Sun,4pm-6pm)

Autism Talk

This free talk deals with understanding autism in children. During this talk, attendees will be informed about the following :-
1.    Understanding your child with autism
2.    How autistic children see the world
3.    Communicating with autistic children
4.    Parental guide on day to day needs and requirements

Date : 22 Feb (Sun)
TIme : 4pm-6pm
Speaker : Manjula

Manjula’s son was diagnosed with ASC (Autistic Spectrum Condition), in 2009. That was the turning point in her life when she had to make calculated decisions in changing her career at the local council in Barnett London.

Since 2009, Manjula has shifted her attention to attending to his personal needs, organising events, working as a team with his school, therapists and other clubs to provide her son Naresh with the right environment to support and help him engage and assimilate with his peers. She applies alternative methods to embed the homework lessons provided by the school, via kinetic learning, breaking tasks into small manageable steps, helping him sequence things.
Manjula has been on a conscious spiritual path since 1997 and has used this Journey to make tremendous inroads into supporting her son Naresh to find his place in the world.
Married with 2 children, Manjula works at the Northway Special School in London that assists kids with special needs and is part of small and large group facilitation of autistic children.

Please call 03-20959868 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register

Talk : Kali & I Are One And The Same with Mahi Ramakrishnan : 10 Mar (Tues, 7.30pm)

Mahi TalkMother Kali remains one of the most misunderstood ascended masters till today. She is either revered or feared. The most common illustrations of Goddess Kali show her naked with a black complexion, fearsome face, protruding tongue and wearing a garland of severed limbs as ornaments. Animals are slaughtered in many temples to "satisfy her cravings for blood and meat" as believed by most devotees.

I work with Goddess Kali and channel her for my tea leaf/oracle card readings and healing sessions. I share an intimate relationship with her and have been privy to many hours of conversations.

Therefore the evening talk will delve into who Mother Kali is. Is she fierce? Should one be terrified of her wrath and anger? Is she the Dark Goddess of Death? Is she black, naked with heavy breasts and matted hair? Does she eat meat and drink blood? Should we fear her?

The answer to the above questions is a resounding NO.

Instead come and get to know the compassionate mother. Come and be healed by her love. Come and experience the Kali within ALL of us.

The talk will end with a group meditation circle, where I will channel Kali, for her many blessings.


Date : 10 Mar (Tues)
Time : 7.30pm-9.00pm
Cost : RM30

Speaker : Mahi Ramakrishnan

It all started one evening at a Kali temple in Malaysia. It was raining heavily and my father was talking to the caretaker, while we waited for the rain to stop so that we could make a dash for the car. I was bored and started looking around till the deity caught my attention. I looked at her and the first thing that came to my mind was that I knew her.

That’s how the relationship with the ascended master, Kali Ma, began. That’s also when I started experiencing some of my gifts, where reading cards, tea leaf and healing came naturally.  As years rolled on, I expanded my consciousness to work with other ascended masters including Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and the Egyptian divination.

Most of my learning happens in my dreams where I am guided and taught everything I need to learn. Working on my own issues, healing myself has enabled me to tap into my various past lives and anchor and integrate the wisdom and knowledge into the present.

Please call 03-20959868 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register

Events Calendar for Mid-Feb to March 2015

To help you keep track of the latest activities at The Violet Flame




Mid- Feb :

Classes :


Free Talks :

Meditation/Healing Circle :

A Channel For Life Success - Message from Saint Germaine by Adelena Lestari Chong : 27 Feb (Fri, 7.30pm)


March 2015


New Visiting Practitioners


Shan Wei Sim (3-8 Mar 2015)

Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Shan Wei Sim (3-8 Mar)


Understanding Everyday Oracles : Coincidences or Synchronicity with Shan Wei Sim - 5 Mar (Thurs, 7.30pm)

Manifest Your Dreams : Full Moon Healing Circle with Shan Wei Sim : 6 Mar (Fri, 7.30pm)

Mini-Workshop : Healing Your Relationships with Divine Energy with Sim Wei Shan : 7 Mar (Sat, 11.00am-1.00pm)


Dr Shé D’Montford (24 -29 Mar)

Private Sessions

Private Sessions with Dr.Shé D'Montford (24 - 29 Mar)


Journey in Spirit to Meet Your Totem with Dr. Shé D'Montford - 26 Mar (Thurs, 7.30pm-9.30pm)

Becoming a Psychic with Dr. Shé D'Montford - 28 Mar (Sat, 2pm-6pm)

Discover Your Inner Goddess with Dr. Shé D'Montford : 29 Mar (Sun, 2pm-6pm)


Visiting Practitioner

Sunami Sun Designer (8 Mar)


Mini Healing Circles using Alchymie with Sunami Sun Designer : 8 Mar (Sun)
Whole body En-lightenment with Alchymie Time : 9.30am-1.00pm
Chinese Astrology with Alchymie Time : 2pm-5.30pm


Classes :

New Class : You Were Born Rich - Unleash Your Power with Adelena Lestari Chong : Starts 2 Mar (Mon, 7.30pm) - For 6 weeks

Inner Martial Art Meditation (IMAM) : 7 - 9 pm, (17 Mar, Tues)

Inner Martial Arts Meditation (IMAM) Advance Classes : 18 Mar (Every Wed, 7pm)

Breath Session : 13 Mar (Fri, 7.30pm)

Heart-to-Soul Meditation :26 Mar (Thurs, 7.30pm, every last Thursday of the month)

Talks :

Talk : Kali & I Are One And The Same with Mahi Ramakrishnan : 10 Mar (Tues, 7.30pm)

Free Talk : Have the Best Year of Your Life by Mick Reid : 20 Mar (Fri, 7.45pm-9.00pm)


Meditation/Healing Circles

Chakra Dhyana Meditation with Chin Lai Meng : 12 Mar (Thurs, 7.30pm)


Article : Cure of Unconditional Love as published in theSun Paper, 26 Feb






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